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I offer various historical lectures for historical societies, civic organizations, special events, education, libraries and other events.  My primary lecture is The Nazi Spy and the German American Bund, the true story of Carl Schiphorst who was a German American Bund leader in NJ, investigated by the FBI and suspected of being a Nazi Spy during WWII.  I have lectured all over NJ and the program is extremely well received.  The program is based on my graduate thesis and includes photos, historical artifacts and a PowerPoint presentation.  

Current Presentations:

The Nazi Spy and the German American Bund

While researching my graduate thesis topic, the German American Bund, I came across documents in the FBI files regarding a resident of Glen Rock, New Jersey (Bergen County) named Carl Schiphorst who was the Bergen County leader of the German American Bund. He was the target of a 145 page FBI investigation suspecting Schiphorst of being a Nazi agent/spy. For over a decade, I have used my law enforcement background to examine the investigation into shiphorst and other Bund members. This presentation highlights the investigation, internment and ultimate repatriation to Germany during World War II, an often untold aspect of German history in the United States.

The Hindenburg Disaster

LZ 129 Hindenburg was the largest flying object ever constructed by man. It was a modern marvel of luxury and technology, a literal ocean liner in the sky. However on May 6th, 1937, the Hindenburg was engulfed and destroyed in a terrible fire.  Two separate investigations, one US and one by Nazi Germany, failed to concretely determine it's cause. Like any good mystery, conspiracy theories abound. Was it sabotage? Was it pilot error? Was it lightning?  Was it a cover-up? Join me for a deep dive into the history, construction and destruction of one of the most famous aviation accidents in history.

The Linbergh Baby Kidnapping and Murder Trial

On March 1st 1932 Charles Lindbergh Jr, the son of legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh, was kidnapped from his bedroom in East Amwell, New Jersey. More than 2 months later, the baby was found dead alongside the road near the Lindbergh home. Police eventually arrested Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a German born carpenter from New York City. Hauptmann's subsequent trial, dubbed the Trial of the Century, resulted in his conviction and execution. The crime and trial have fascinated historians for the past 90 years. Debate over his guilt and conspiracy theories abound. I use my law enforcement background to examine the investigation, trial and analyze the various theories and myths surrounding this fascinating case.

Presentations in Production:

German Sabotage and Espionage in the US during WW1 (2024)

German Sabotage and Espionage in the US During WW2 (2024)

When the United States Invaded Russia - The American Exepditionary Forces in Siberia and North Russia (2024)

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