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A 72 YEAR SEARCH FOR FAMILY - My Own Family Story

My father was adopted. He was born in Pittsburgh just after WWII and grew up there until moving to NJ after college.  My father and I often discussed trying to find his birth parents. Several years ago we started trying in earnest. In 2017, I finally identified his birth mother but unfortunately nothing ever materialized. In 2018, with the help of DNA testing,  we matched with a previously unknown cousin. Together, we were able to identify my dad's birth father and unravel a family mystery.  

Unfortunately, my dad's birth father passed away a few years ago. But as luck would have it, my dad's uncle (his birth father's brother) was still alive and only ten miles away from my parent's winter home in Florida. They met for the first time on January 6, 2018. Then on January 14, 2018, my father met his brother and sister for the first time.   It was an exciting time for our family and their bond has been growing every year.  My parents are lucky enough to spend half of the year with my father's family.

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Do you own a historic home? Are you looking for unique family gift?

I can combine historic property research, family genealogical research as well as on-site metal detecting to put together a unique display piece for your home. A display case containing historic photographs of your town and property combined with a write up of your family history and any artifacts found on your property. The perfect gift for any history lover and your family.

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