Documentary Films

Documentary Film Research and Writing

Do you need specific research or writing for your documentary film project?

Are you located in California and need archival work on the East Coast?

Maybe you need someone to interview individuals for your project or you are looking for an on-screen historian to appear in your film?

My portfolio includes numerous professional and independent documentary films. I can offer you the following services:

  • Archival research

  • Interviews

  • Field Research

  • Field Guides

  • Field Photography/videography

  • Location Scouting

  • Location Access

My Historical Areas of Interest Include:

  • The German-American Bund

  • Nazi Germany and Third Reich

  • World War I and World War II

  • German Colonialism (Specifically the German Colony of South West Africa)

  • German Colonial Schutztruppe (German Colonial Military Force)

  • the American Revolution

  • the French and Indian War

  • Colonial American Warfare

  • History of New Jersey

  • History of New York

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